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Manifesting Thoughts Into Real Life

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

I never really believed people could journey into manifesting and journalling. I always thought no this isn't for me and I don't believe in it.

Well let me tell you, I am now a completely different person just from manifesting. Its given me a way. Its given me clear direction from not really knowing where I am going to a completely clearing a pathway.

How I started was going onto pintrest and looking at other peoples manifestations. That then became clear to me where I needed to be. Some of the affirmations I used were:

1. Money is attracted to me and needs me to spend it.

2. Everything and everyone helps me prosper financially now.

3. Everything I spend comes back to me threefold NOW.

Now to me these all seemed to feel like I was being big headed and that's a bad way to think. I want my business to succeed and that is how you get it. Not by being big headed but just by believing in something you truly know will happen. I know that my business will happen and now is the right time. It is working right now. I am getting amazing clients and I love working with them to help them with their relationships. I've got a successful relationship of 20 years so I now can help others have the same as me.

I have a note pad right by the side of my bed and just before I go to bed I write 5 manifest quotes which I know my sub conscious will think about over night while I am asleep. I also journal 5 thoughts from my day and this helps with my feelings and putting them into perspective.

Now I know journalling and manifesting isn't for everyone and I get that. Its ok. But what I want you to do is try it. If you are struggling with your relationship but you are not sure where it is going wrong, start to journal and communicate with your partner. This is a huge subject but the right decision is to communicate. If you find that journalling is not feeling right for you then start to manifest some thoughts. Here are a few manifest quotes to get you started.

1. My Lover accepts and loves me just as I am

2. I am strong and I can get through this

3. I have the ability to solve every problem I face

4. Growth means choosing happiness over history

Above all you need to be happy in the life you are choosing and all your manifesting will help so much to heal you and put you in a place of calm and content.

I hope you find this post helpful.

Let me know!

Have a blessed day!


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