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Full Worm Moon 28th March 2021

Self Care Sunday

What does your Sunday look like today? Busy, lots to do or are you taking some time for yourself? What is it that you have been wanting to do for ages yet still haven't done it yet? Well why not do it today. Take some time for yourself and not feel guilty about it. We all need time to ourselves.

Tonight is a Full Moon in Libra and what's called a Worm Moon. Full moons tend to ramp up your emotions so you will be feeling irritable and wanting to argue but it also means you need to listen to your body and talk. Communicate with things that have been pushed away but not emotionally dealt with. This is the time to bring these feelings back to the surface, deal with them, work through them and then finally allow them to rest. The moons energies are so high right now, especially as the sun is reflecting its light right over the moon.

Around a full moon, you may feel emotional depending on the star sign the moon falls into or it just might be that you are out of sync with something. You might not be true to yourself and you might be holding something back.

Air sign Libra, symbolised by the Scales, is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and money. This is my birth sign so I'm totally all over this today.

This Full moon is also called Worm moon as because it is thought that hundreds of years ago the Earth Worms came up out of hibernation to find warmer soil in the spring.

Today's full moon sets the stage for reflecting on relationships. So look deep inside and ask yourself what it is that you are wanting from your relationships, in any part of your life? Could they be changed somehow or could you bring more balance, beauty, and fairness into your life. You deserve it.

Today is the time to make your Full Moon Rituals. Sit and meditate for as long as you need. Create space for you to feel a deeper connection with yourself and others around you. Feel connected to mother earth. Let me know what you are going to be doing for your full moon ritual, I'd love to hear.

Happy Full Worm Moon for this evening and feel a deeper connection with your relationships in your life.

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Have a great day.

Lots of love xxx

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