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Cat / Cow Pose And The Amazing Benefits

For those of us still working from home or those working in the office, these two poses are so good to relieve lower back pain and tension from the shoulders and neck. Can you guess what it is?

Cat And Cow Pose. This is one of my favourite Go To's to really stretch out and feel good. When you incorporate it with the movement of the breath, it makes you feel so much better because the oxygen is flowing through to the brain and its making you feel instantly better.

These two poses are great for warming up your spine and allowing you to stretch out. They stretch the back, torso and neck and provide a gentle massage to the spine and internal organs.

These poses are amazing to calm your mind and to relieve stress as you are breathing with coordinating your movements. These poses are good at stress relief.


1. Come into table top position where your knees are stacked under your hips and your hands are stacked under your shoulders.

2. Have your toes pushed away from you so you are on the tops of the feet.

3. For some, it may be more comfortable to come onto toes.

4. Inhale and go into cow pose. This is lifting the chest forward, pushing the tummy down towards the floor, lifting the tail bone up and crown of the head facing up. Relax the core muscles.

5. On an exhale come into Cat pose, tucking your head and pelvis under, rounding through your spine pushing through your hands and shoulders to round your back. Engage your core and gluteal muscles (glutes), bringing your kneecaps up into the thighs engaging the quads.

6. Keep inhaling into cow pose and then exhaling into cat pose. Repeat these five to ten times.

7. To come out of this pose release on an inhale from cat pose and come back into a neutral table top position.


If you have a neck injury, then keep your head in line with your spine and not put it up in cow pose or down in cat pose. Keep your gaze forward.

If you wanted to follow along with a short video on how to do Cat/Cow Pose, Click Here and you will be able to follow it via the On Demand Yoga Classes which is FREE.

Let me know how you get on by leaving a comment below.

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Have a great day.

Lots of love xxx


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