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30 Reasons to Practice Yoga

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

30 Reasons to Practice Yoga

Here are 30 Reasons why yoga is just so good to have in your life. Take a look and see for yourself.

- Relieves Stress

- Improves Breathing

- Eases Pain

- Improves Circulation

- Increases Strength

- Increases Endurance

- Lowers Heart Rare

- Develops Inner Peace

- Lengthens Muscles

- Increases Flexibility

- Reduces Cortisol Levels

- Improves Concentration

- Increases Range of Motion

- Dissolves Ego

- Develops Compassion

- Enhances Energy

- Heals Ailments

- Fosters Joy

- Weight Loss

- Lubricates Joints

- Detoxes the Body

- Strengthens the Abdomen

- Improves Memory

- Delays Ageing

- Burns Fat

- Improves Posture

- Improves Metabolism

- Builds Immune System

- Improves Balance

- Brings Harmony

By looking at some of the reasons why, can you see if you can spot at least 5 of them you need to feel more you. For example do you need to improve your balance? Are you quite tight in your Hamstrings or shoulders? Are you in pain everyday? Are you stressed?

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