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12 Self Care Sunday Ideas

Good Morning Sunday Sleepy Heads Some of you may or may not know that a lot of Bloggers write about Self Care on a Sunday as its usually a day of rest for most people. There is so much uncertainty in the world right now and it is now that we need to take care of number One meaning you. Now this certainly doesn't mean that you are being selfish. Quite the opposite really. You cant pour from an empty cup now can you, so its time to just take some time out of your busy schedule to concentrate on you and you only. I actually did this yesterday. I took myself off on my own and went for an 8.5 mile cycle ride. It was bliss. If you are a parent, then you'll understand time is certainly of essence when you are on your own. You wont have a child hanging off you here and tripping over toys or Lego there. So this leads me on nicely to Self Care Sunday. Below are 12 tips for you to either do all of them or just one of them. Feel like your normal self again in no time. 1. Have a Lay In.. Yes I know this might be impossible if you have children but even if you do, just take another 5 minutes in bed to really doze and feel all warm and snuggled. If you do not have children then sleep in a lot longer than you would normally. Get up, make a cup of tea, grab some biscuit's and take them back to bed, or go one better and have breakfast in bed. Take time out to really feel nice. 2. Meditate This is one thing everyone should do on a daily basis. It really helps you to relax and bring your busy life back to some kind of normal. It helps to clear your head and if you add some breathing into it, this will really help to channel all your negative thoughts. Taking just 10 minutes out of your day can really have huge mental health benefits on your body and mind. Click here for a FREE Downloadable Meditation Guide

3. Get Outdoors

Go for a walk in nature. Take in the fresh air and notice all the sounds around you. Maybe even get more grounded and take off your shoes and allow your feet to connect with the earth. Notice how you feel.

4. Read A Good Book

Set aside time in your day to sit down and read. Snuggle up on the sofa and read. Switch off to everything that is around you and get lost in your book.

5. Baking

Bake a cake or pie or whatever you want to. Last week the children and I made Pizza's. It was great fun.

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6. Watch A Film Sit down and watch your favourite film. Bring back memories of your childhood or watch a feel good film. 7. Listen To Music Put on your favourite music and dance around the kitchen or have a boogie while cooking. Let go of any negative energy and really feel amazing once you have moved your body. 8. Exercise Go out for a run, walk, cycle, swim. Anything to get your body moving and your endorphins flowing. 9. Practice Yoga Stretch out on your mat for 5 minutes or longer. Get your serotonin flowing (your feel good hormones) Allow your body time to stretch and wake up. Click on the link below to be taken to the FREE EasYoga Facebook Group where you can practice yoga for free.

10. Take a Bubble Bath Have a nice deep relaxing bath with lots of candles, soft lighting and calming meditation music. Close your eyes and enjoy. 11. Draft Out Your Ideas And Goals For The Week Grab your note pad and write down your goals for this coming week. 12. Get An Early Night Go to bed at a reasonable time and listen to some meditation music or drift off to sleep in your own time. Take time away from devices and snuggle in bed. Take any or all of these and do these today to really feel amazing and calm. Happy Sunday Lovelies

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