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The Easiest Homemade Granola Recipe Ever

Here is the healthiest and easiest Granola recipe ever. I stared making my own granola last year after finding that I couldn't find

one that I liked from a supermarket or in fact one that wasn't ridiculously overpriced.

So I tried out a few granola recipes and stuck with those for a while. One of which is on the blog, but then I ran out of a few other ingredients that I usually use for a granola recipe and I really didn't want to buy any more as a packet so I made my own one using just two ingredients and guess what. It tastes amazing.

The ingredients are 300g of Oats and 2 or 3 smashed ripe bananas. That's it. Just two ingredients.


Put 300g of rolled oats in a bowl and smash up the bananas till very mushy. Mix together and place on a baking sheet. Spread it out and place in the oven (200 degrees) for 15 minutes, take out, mix around and break it up and then place in the oven again for another 10 minutes. Leave to cool.

Place in air tight container or eat straight away.

For a nutritious breakfast, add a handful of granola to a bowl, top with Greek Yoghurt and fresh fruit. Very tasty and yummy. For extra protein and fibre, you could add seeds, nuts and dried fruit to it to. I always add 1 square of 100% dark chocolate to it to get my chocolate fix plus its great for the heart.

Try it and have a go. Let me know how you get on.

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Let me know!

Have a blessed day!

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