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Sexual Chemistry – Do you have it or has it gone? 5 Tips To Save Your Relationship

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Sexual Tips –

When you first start a relationship there is a spark, you either have that spark or you don’t. It’s just part of the magnetism that is a human being. Sexual chemistry is either there from the start or you don’t have it at all. If you are not sure then go out on a few dates, maybe kiss a little, maybe touch and feel each other, get to know each other more. This way the sexual chemistry might ignite. Sexual chemistry relies heavily on whether or not your senses like the other persons smell or how they portray themselves etc. Give them a chance and see how you go. If after a few months you are not feeling it then unfortunately you might have to move on.

Sexual Tip #1-

Have you been in a relationship for a year or longer? How is your sex life? This is the time to ramp up your sexual chemistry as it may have dwindled slightly if you have moved in with each other or go married or even had children. The longer you are with a partner, the more you will get to know them and what they like and dislike in the bedroom. Couples who have been together for a long-time kindle and rekindle their relationship multiple times. People change over the years and this is where you need to be focused. Do you fulfil your partners sexual needs regularly? Are you scared to bring up the subject? If you are then ask yourself why. You and your partner are connected by magnetism so this should be hard to bring up. Its that word again, Communication is key to anything especially something like sexual chemistry.

Sexual Tip #2-

You need to make time for sex. If you are one to schedule everything then schedule in sex, clear a time in your diary for you to be intimate with your partner. It might feel weird at first because its in your schedule but after a few weeks it will become normal. Sexual needs can’t be taken lightly and sex is a huge part of a relationship. An important part of any intimate relationship. Once you move in with your partner the usual mundane things happen like washing up or house cleaning etc. This can certainly take the spark away but try to come back to what drew you to your partner in the first place. What did you like about them for you to be drawn to them?

Sexual Tip #3-

Bedroom Antics- Has the spark gone in the bedroom? Try and switch it up a little. Get a bit more adventurous and try something new. If you are always up for just missionary or I like to call it vanilla sex then that’s great but sometimes to get the spark back you need to find what your partner likes and you never know, you might like it to. Get the ice cream out and lick it off each other, do it places other than the bedroom. Take it outside and enjoy the thrill. Keep it mixed up. When you are in a relationship, the start of falling in love gives off the calming and relaxing hormone called Dopamine. This needs to be kept up via sexual activities and the feeling of feeling close to your partner. Don’t feel embarrassed to say out loud a sexual fantasy or watch an erotic film together. Remember you are both as intimate as you want to be as a couple so nothing should scare you. On the other hand, your partner is there for you when you aren’t feeling your best and you feel a little frumpy if you are a new mum (We’ve all been there) So try and talk to them and bring back the spark, Have candle light in the bedroom and get some nice sensual oils to massage into each other. Remember sex doesn’t have to be just about intercourse, its more the touch and feel of the person to get those endorphins flowing. Sex should also be fun and not a chore.

Sexual Tip #4-

Know what you like-

As a women we should know our bodies inside and out yet most of us don’t. I didn’t until I was tracking my monthly cycle to try and conceive. Up till then I had no clue about my body, its likes and dislikes. So get to know what you do and don’t like. Get to know the feel of self pleasure. Get to know what gets you really turned on and tuned into your body. You are the only one who knows it better than anyone else. Trust yourself, its your body. Trust in the process. Touch yourself, find out if you like your nipples being stroked, touch in really intimate places and then say to your partner about touching you where you feel most comfortable and turned on. It will give your partner a sense of pleasure knowing you are feeling good.

Sexual Tip #5

Learn what your partner likes-

Now your partner knows what you like, you need to know what your partner likes. Ask them what they like, where they like to be touched, their sexual fantasies etc. Learn as much as you need to, to make them feel wanted and loved. Once again, its all down to communication but not just talking, feeling, touching, using your senses to their full potential.

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