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It's Not Always Easy Going, Not By A Long Shot

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

Hands up, who's been watching Bridgerton? It's such an amazing series and one we can learn a lot from. Especially those of us already in relationships. It's certainly an up and down roller-coaster of emotions and feelings felt between the main two characters but as it states quite a bit you really do have to work at a relationship. It's not always easy going, not by a long shot.

Every relationship has its ups and downs, its just up to you both to keep at it if you think it's worth saving. There certainly is a lot of give and take in any relationship. It certainly cannot all be one sided otherwise the other person will just get bored and start to retaliate back.

Any long term relationship, 3 years + will need hard work thrown at it from time to time. One of you might be stuck in a rut and not sure how to get out, the other might be going in a different direction in life. People change, relationships change but if you are willing to put the hard work into it then the more rewarding you will find it.

If you've fallen out of love with your partner, that's OK because people do but you find the little things you love about them or the little things that bind you together, like your children, you both love your children. Or you find a common hobby you both love.

At some point in any relationship there comes a point when it gets a bit dull or you've become comfortable with each other. This is where sometimes people go off and seek attention from someone else. Notice this before this happens and a partnership can be saved. You'll notice the little things your partner does and these may have changed over the course of your partnership.

Trust is a huge barrier and one that needs discussion. This is probably one of the biggest factors in any relationship. If you've been hurt in the past, it's not your fault because you certainly will not trust your now partner but trust comes when you learn to let go of your past and come from a place of peace and calm.

Try and ride the waves of your relationship. There will always be ups and downs, no ones perfect. But try to see your partner for who they really are. Love them for who they are, even with all their flaws, imperfections because at the end of the day, you've got a very special partnership.

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