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5 Ways To Really Show Up In Your Relationship

There seems to be so much coming up right now about staying true to yourself and believing in yourself and for you to do this, you need to start showing up where you want to be right now. You might be struggling to communicate in your relationship or you might be struggling in your relationships with intimacy, so now is your chance to figure out what you really want from within you and concentrate on you first before concentrating on your significant other.

1. Journaling

Now I know I talk about this a lot but it seriously really helps with getting the thoughts out of your head and onto paper. Once you start writing down how you feel and how its affecting your moods etc, you can then start to figure out a pattern and deal with your thoughts and how they affect your behaviour before it starts an argument or you start to feel emotional and then cant deal with your emotions. Click HERE for more information about starting your journaling journey. Trust me, I love this one and it really helps to clear your head if you are feeling a little muffled.

2. Meditation

Meditation or just sitting quietly is amazing to really calm the mind and allow your thoughts to pass. It draws any negative feelings and energy out and allows you to come from a place of peace and calm rather than from a place or anxiousness and stress. You can do it for as little or as long as you like and you don't have to make it all 'Om' if you don't want to. Just do something for yourself and sit quietly for 5, 10, 15, or 30 minutes daily to really make it a daily practice or use it whenever you are starting to feel a little drained, anxious, stressed, are not sure where to go or who to turn to. I love this little bit of 'me time'. It allows me to collect my thoughts, be free for my time I am there and just feel the release of either crying, feeling like my whole world has just lifted and I feel so much better afterwards. Remember this is always just for you. You cant come from a place of 'glass half empty', by doing meditation daily you then start to come from a place of 'glass half full' all the time and this makes a huge difference in your life, just by doing this for 5 minutes per day. Try it. Its amazing. I found it so hard to begin with, I really did but the more I practiced it, the easier I found it and now I do it every day without fail and my life has had a huge shift. Its incredible. Click here for a FREE Meditation where you can feel the benefits straight away.

3. Movement

Taking time everyday to really move your body, releasing all the negative energy and allowing serotonin (calming hormone to be released) and cortisol (stress hormone) to decrease, allowing you to feel so much better about yourself. Remember it starts with you and by shifting your body and energy everyday even if you've just got 3 minutes to get started in the morning, you will feel 100% better in your mindset, body and energy. Trust me. It really does make you feel better. Just by doing 5 minutes of yoga or star jumps when you are feeling low, can have a huge effect on you and how you see life and your relationship. Better still get your partner involved. You'll have fun together and bring back the spark which may have died.

4. Find A Hobby That You Both Enjoy

Find something that you both enjoy and for it to become a once a week thing, like a date night but doing something together. Also find other interests outside of the relationship where you can have time apart and trust that the other person is ok and enjoying their time away with friends outside of the relationship. Doing something together allows you both to reconnect with each other and find out more about the other person. You are enjoying quality time together without it being awkward because there may be other people around or other things to interact with. My husband and I always went to the gym together before having children. We would compete against each other which was good fun and the relationship became stronger from that.

5. Communication

Communication is key to anything in a relationship. remember that the other person is not a mind reader so you will need to speak to them and bring up whatever it is that is bothering you. Remember that communication is the hardest thing to do but it gets you so many places. Communication isn't just about talking, it can be via touch to so maybe take a bath or shower together or just have a cuddle on the sofa without being interrupted by phones or devices. Have time away from devices and have some quality time together to really connect.

I would love to know how you connect with your partner or if you are struggling then let me know by leaving a comment below on what you are struggling with and we can jump on a call. I am always here for you, Remember that.

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Have a great day.

Lots of love xxx


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