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A full platform for corporate individual's to implement a wellbeing strategy for both employees and the business

Wellbeing Platform

Employee Wellbeing Solutions brings together all the modalities which corporate wellbeing needs for their employees to work to their fullest potential. It allows employees to have improved productivity, have a healthy work/life balance and improve overall performance within the workplace.

Full support for HR as well as CEO's and employees

We have created a wellbeing platform for your employees to use at their peril. With over 400 videos, tools and techniques on wellbeing and strategies, it helps to motivate employees and is available 24/7, 365 days of the year. It comes with full support from Gemma, our wellbeing expert who is on hand to answer any questions any time of the day. 

See results quickly

This program allows you to see results quickly, meaning you can focus more on future projects knowing that the work in hand now will get done to its best potential. Employees will be fitter, more mindful and will be happier to come to work. They will be having less sick days which will mean more productive results and less spent out on insurance claims. It allows each employee to have goals to work towards each month, week, or day and recreates the mindset of a healthy work life balance.

Easily accessible to the whole workplace 

Employee Wellbeing Solutions is easily accessible to everyone in the company. Employees can access the platform as it is set up with unique log in details. Gemma is available to talk to employees about their progress and answer any questions they have. Companies can also set up a monthly wellbeing meeting with Gemma to see where they can improve their wellbeing if needed.  


How Much Does Employee Wellbeing Solutions Cost Per Month?

Are employee wellbeing solutions or wellbeing programs worth the investment? Yes they certainly are. Especially when companies have spent out millions of £ due to loss productivity. The cost of voluntary turnover due to burnout is 15% - 20% of payroll budgets each year. That translates to up to a $322 billion cost globally in turnover and lost productivity when low wellbeing shows up as employee burnout. 


The Employee Wellbeing Solutions Program costs just £2.22 per month per employee

The Employees Wellbeing Solutions Program includes Movement, Meditations, EFT Tapping, Breath Work, Nutrition and so much more. So sign up and save so much on sick days and have your employees work to their best protentional yet. There is a 10% discount for over 100 employees on sign up.

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