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BEE FIT Baby Enhanced Exercise Fitness WITH FREE BONUSES

BEE FIT Baby Enhanced Exercise Fitness WITH FREE BONUSES

This book will transform the way you think about exercise when you have little ones.


There are 45 different exercises and yoga poses within the book including walking or running with the buggy, planks, strength training, lunges, arm stretches etc.


It's for mums who are time poor (we all know about that as being a mum myself there is no way I could get to the gym) and who want and need little exercises in and around the home or in a park. Its for post partum mums from 12 weeks or whenever the doctor has given you all the clear. When I was weaning both my children, while they were sat in the high chair, I'd end up feeding them and doing squats in between each mouthful. They are so used to me doing exercises around the house now. Another great one was doing a plank while there were in the bath or using the bath as an upward row press up. It makes exercise fun and funny for them.


There is a nutrition plan, and nutrition advice and also information on Diastasis Recti, relaxation and meditation and the exercises and yoga poses themselves. Included also is a four week yoga exercise training programme. The book incorporates different levels of that specific exercise or yoga pose so if you fancy just a gentle stretch then go ahead and if you fancy more of a stronger stretch do the advanced part.



Each exercise and yoga pose has tips and advice for wherever you are in your exercise journey. Each one also states whether that particular yoga pose or exercise is baby wearing, in a buggy or a blanket next to you. You don't need any fancy equipment, just yourself and your baby.

Gemma's superb yoga teaching is reflected in the book as her strong foundation and knowledge for yoga and general health and fitness really shines through. The book is perfect for parents of babies or young children and anyone getting back into fitness or starting from scratch.

The book is especially ideal for new parents who are short of time or who feel they are unable to get back into exercise due to the restrictions of having a baby or lack of child care when completing a workout. Gemma has cleverly adapted carrying a baby or using a buggy into the workouts and these can be done from home or outside anywhere with no other equipment required making it accessible for everyone.

She adds in modifications for injuries and mentions specific coaching points for each of the exercises as well as giving a fitness plan to complete. You can complete as much or as little as you want and the book allows for this flexibility as well as supporting new parents and those getting back into fitness and onto a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.


  • All These Bonuses Are Added Into This Too For FREE


    BONUS #1: Pose Library PDF (value £47)

    Basic Yoga pose library for quick and easy reference of some of the poses you will be doing so that you can have them on your device and access them whenever and wherever you are  avoiding causing yourself harm/injury.

    BONUS #2: Top 10 music recommendations PDF (£17)
    Top 10 recommendations designed to enhance, energise or enthuse you to get the workout you need without a crying baby in your ear!

    FREE AUDIO: Meditation (Value £7)

    so that you can feel calmer, lighter and can face any challenges you may have throughout your day while raising your baby. You will also be able to have a fulfilling nights sleep and feel fresher and brighter when you rise in the morning even though you will be getting up for night feeds. It will help you to fall asleep quicker with broken sleep.

    FREE PDF: Journaling Journey  (Value £17)

    enhancing your flexibility, relaxing of a night time (once baby is asleep) and allowing your mind and body to be free of any ailments and writing your thoughts to get them out of your head and onto paper.

    When you go to the checkout, you will recieve a link in your email to all these extra bonuses.

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