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The Best Marriage Advice All Year Round Not Just At Christmas!

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

The Best Marriage Advice

'Most Marriage problems can be solved if husband and wife would learn to solve problems quickly, openly, respectively and courteously like adults and in a mature way.

Avoid throwing emotional tantrums and yelling.

Do not emotionalise every discussion.

Learn to disagree without getting angry.

Learn to disagree without getting disrespectful.

Learn when to stop the argument before it gets into a verbal war.

Learn when to walk away or to change the subject.

When indisputable facts are presented, learn to say 'you're right, I was wrong'.

Learn to argue factually allowing your spouse to express himself or herself fully without fear of judgement or reprimand.

Avoid name calling or saying words that you'll regret saying. In marriage often you have to lose an argument in order to win your spouse.

Usually whenever one spouse wins, marriage loses.

If you feel like there is tension in the air with your partner then talk about it. Don't get drunk then start talking about it. Talk about it in a calm way. Just bring something up that is bothering you and stand your ground. make sure that they let you finish what you are saying then they can talk back to you. Communication is key in any relationship. Of course there might be tension in the air this year because of everything that's happening with the world but be there together. A marriage only works if you communicate, if you talk and if you let your feelings be known to the other person. They aren't mind readers.

Above all be grateful of what you have achieved this year and be grateful of your family and who you are spending Christmas with. Be grateful you are alive and breathing and be grateful for the love around you.

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I hope you find this post helpful.

Let me know!

Have a blessed day!

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