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Shedding Speculations From Your Life

Yesterday I came on my moon cycle (period) and each month our bodies tell us that part of our uterus sheds the layers it no longer needs. So by doing this, it gets ready for the next cycle and a new beginning for the month ahead. By going inward and really taking a look at what our bodies do, really then makes you think about what else do you need to shed from your life this month?

Your body needs time to release this, and it does this by bleeding for 3-5 days and during this time we need to honour our bodies and really slow down and take time to adjust. Practice some yoga but don't go full on Vinyasa/ Ashtanga mode, go for a more restorative class as this is honouring your body and allowing it to move but at a slower pace. Click HERE for a FREE Restorative Class.

Taking time to rest and recoup will really help you in other parts of your life to. This allows you to really know what you need to clear out of your life for good. Try and figure out what it is that is not quite right within your life and try and sort it out. To do this sit quietly with yourself and ask yourself questions about it. Go inward and you will find your answers.

Journal out your thoughts as this will clear your head and give you more space to think clearer allowing you to find the answers within yourself. Give thanks for your space and time especially when you are on your cycle. Bless this moment as it truly is magical.

Let me know what you are struggling with right now by leaving a comment below and we can schedule a call.

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Have a great day. Lots of love xxx


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