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Put Yourself At The Top Of Your To Do List!

What are you going to be doing today for Self Care Sunday?

Self care is needed so much right now and one that we all need to do every day. Today's self care quote is:

'Put Yourself At The Top Of Your To Do List Every Single Day, And The Rest Will Follow. Take Care Of You First'

It is not selfish for you to take time for yourself. Not at all. In fact it has been proven that you are more productive when you do take time for yourself than if you don't. I to never used to take time for myself as I thought it was selfish and that I needed to be there with my family all the time looking after my children etc but actually if you take time out to recoup and gather your thoughts or do something for you, you are much more happier, less snappy and able to cope better with stressful situations. So what are you waiting for. Lets go and do it. Let me know what self care you are going to be doing today. Leave a comment below and I will try out your suggestions.

Start the day a fresh. Once you get up, you've got the same amount of hours you did yesterday so do what you need to do or want to do. Don't panic if you have run out of time on that day as you will then have a fresh set of hours tomorrow. Try changing the way you think about it. Instead of saying 'I have run out of time today' say 'I have achieved this, this, this and this today and I feel good about it. I have got a whole another 24 hours tomorrow and the clock has reset itself.' That way you are training your mind to allow it to not worry you about the running out of time. Don't worry, we are all human and I to felt like this but changing the way you think about things is a real game changer for how you plan your day.

Its not selfish to think about yourself. Its selfish not to think I need me time and I need to spend some time on me. So go do it. Let me know by leaving a comment what you will be doing today with your 24 hours.

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Have a great day.

Lots of love xxx

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