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Meditation and why we should all do it! 

Updated: Jan 29, 2021


We all know about that little 5 letter word. It's everywhere at the moment about how stressed we are. How we can't seem to sleep. How we always seem to be working and trying to meet the impossible deadlines set by someone higher. How no one seems to have time for themselves anymore. It's all work and no play.

So here is a downloadable version of a meditation pdf for you to read. I'll do an audio version for next week. It'll give you just 10 minutes of me time which is a bonus in stressed out world.

Stress comes out in different ways. Some people have tension headaches, some people shout, some people cry. For others their hair falls out or they grind their teeth. It really is not good for your mind, heart and body. Stress is not good in any form so use this time (your 10 minutes) to fully relax, recharge and allow your mind to drift off.

If you feel any of the below, then start to realise this and seek help. No one will shout at you for asking for help. Its a good thing to ask. Or take this time to listen to your body. You work will be affected to and you will not be producing good work. So please just listen to your body.

How Stress affects your Mind, Heart and Body:

- Insomnia

- Emotional Behaviour

- Immune System Dysfunction

- Asthma

- Ulcers

- Lack of energy

- DEPRESSION (Big one)

- Nervousness

- Chronic Fatigue

- Weight Gain (as you want to eat to feel emotionally better)

- Muscle Tension

- Increased Heart Rate

- Stroke

- Heart Disease

- Hypertension (high blood pressure)

- Diabetes

- Grinding Teeth and jaw tension

- Headaches

- Anxiety

- Dizziness

- Anger

- Panic disorders

- Short Tempered

- No peace with your body

- Lack of self control

- Shallow breathing

So by looking at the list do you have any of those? Im sure you do have at least of them or have experienced in the past.

I am here to help you. Do you want to feel better? Work more efficiently? Feel better within yourself? Then sit yourself down and just listen to your body, do some meditating. Trust me, you will feel amazing afterwards.

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I hope you find this post helpful.

Let me know!

Have a blessed day!

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