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Journaling Practice

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For you, journaling may be a thing you do everyday or it may be a completely new experience. Journaling can be an incredible experience because you can write down things from your mind and get them onto paper. Sometimes when you journal, it might not make sense when its on the page but the more you look at it and read it, the more it will start to make sense.

I'm not sure if you have heard of The Morning Pages? This is where you write for 3 pages of your journal or a piece of paper in the morning while you are in bed or on the train or your commute. You write anything which is on your mind and again, this may not make sense but it's good to off load. 

Journaling really helps to get rid of all the stresses and negative feelings building up in your mind. It also allows you to have a clearer head of where you want and need to be in your life. Sometimes you can write it down and other times you can say it into your phone if you haven't got your journal to hand.

You can do whatever you feel you need to. For you, you may want to get a lovely journaling book with a beautiful cover on it and something that makes you feel you can write in it. Something you feel will resonate with you. There are a lot of lovely ones on the market.

You may want to just write it out on your laptop or tablet. Whatever you decide, know you are doing a great thing but releasing your thoughts onto paper or into your phone. Your mind will thank you for it.

You also may want to buy a favourite pen. I know I have one just for journaling. Its very sentimental to me.

Use this journal how you want to and enjoy.

Daily Journal Practice PDF

Weekly Journal Practice PDF

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