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Module One - Meditation And Journaling
Wheel Of Love Activity

Wheel of Life although ours is called Wheel Of Love

The original idea behind the Wheel of Life came from industry pioneer Paul J. Meyer in the 1960s to help people realize their goals.

While the wheel today has many different forms and names, including the Life Balance Wheel, Coaching Wheel, and the Wheel of Success, they share a common purpose: transformation.

The Wheel of Life exercise is widely used in coaching and beyond and offers a practical and flexible tool for you to assess your needs and set goals aligned with your core values.

Its beauty is its simplicity.

The wheel typically consists of between eight and ten categories essential for a fulfilling wonderful love life.

Segment within the Wheel Of Love include:

  • Relationship

  • In Love

  • Intimacy

  • Arguments

  • Fun

  • Trust

  • Communication

  • Listening

  • Finances

  • Growth

A score is placed in each segment to reflect the current level of satisfaction using a spider web style.

Using the diagram below, place a dot next to the number of the appropriate dimension and then connect up the dots to make shape.

The Wheel of Love provides a snapshot of your relationship and the level of satisfaction in your current circumstances.

At a high level, the exercise provides insight into whether or not your relationship is in balance. From a more detailed perspective, it captures whether individual areas of your relationship are either meeting your needs and making you happy or leaving you dissatisfied and discontented.

By scoring each category, you identify areas that need support and improvement to reach individual and overall romantic goals.

The process of writing down, reviewing, and agreeing upon ratings not only provides input to the goal-setting process, but also offers insights into areas of your relationship which are causing you difficulty.

Once completed, look at the outside of the wheel, discuss its overall shape, and consider the total relationship balance.

Now I would like you to answer these following questions on your relationship satisfaction based on what you have written down on your wheel:

  • When you look at the shape of the wheel, how do you feel?

  • How would you like to change the shape of the inner wheel?

  • What surprises you the most?

  • What would a score of ten look and feel like?

  • Which category would you most like to improve?

  • What category would you most like to start with?

  • At present, how do you spend time in each area?

  • What do you need to improve the score in each area?

  • What small steps would have the most significant impact on your satisfaction?

  • Could a single action improve more than one area?

If you would like we can hop on a call and discuss this further.

So go and download the Wheel Of Love below and lets get started. Click on the image.

Affirmations To Make Your Relationship Amazing

Click on the image to download the PDF

Daily Affirmations

Click on the image to download the PDF

Meditation Guide Lesson

So many people suffer with an overactive mind and thought process, so I have put together a Meditation and Relaxation guide to help you completely relax and start to bring some calmness into your life. This will really help your mind, concentration and overall general health and well-being. If you feel like you are not coping with life and the stresses of your demanding job is to much, then try this technique. Gather all your thoughts, put them in a bubble and blow them away with your out breath. Say to yourself, 'relax, refresh, recharge'. One of my favourite quotes from Bryant Mcgill is, 'Your calm mind is the ultimate weapon against your challenges. So, relax.’

Click on the image to download the PDF

I Am Attracting My Perfect Relationship Meditation

Join Gemma where she explores affirmations and positive vibes for you to attract your perfect relationship. It allows you to heal broken wounds and a broken heart. Allow Gemma to take you through a guided meditation.

I Am Attracting My Perfect RelationshipArtist Name
00:00 / 07:00

Deep Rest And Relaxation Yoga Nidra

Join Gemma where she takes you through a deep rest and relaxation guided yoga nidra meditation. Allow the whole body to feel fully calm, rested, and in a deep state of relaxation. Let Gemma guide you on this journey of self-discovery.

Deep Rest And Relaxation Yoga NidraArtist Name
00:00 / 34:09

I Am Me Meditation

Why are we so judgmental of ourselves? Allow this meditation to guide you through a thought process for you to feel fully relaxed and acceptive of who you really are. Be free to discover who you truly are. I am me, I am unique in every way.

I Am Me Affirmation MeditationArtist Name
00:00 / 05:51

Create A Safe Internal Space

Join Gemma where she takes you through a guided safe space affirmation meditation for you to feel fully connected to your inner guidance and for you to feel fully loved by yourself. Feel calm and relaxed. 

Create A Safe Internal SpaceArtist Name
00:00 / 06:03

Gratitude Meditation

Listen to a 12-minute gratitude meditation that will allow you to fully connect to your inner guidance, allowing your mind to be free. We have so much brain fog and brain chatter that this is a really good way to connect with your inner voice and release all the brain fog. 

Gratitude meditationArtist Name
00:00 / 10:38

Guided Shower Meditation

Allow the visualization of the water flowing over your head and down your body or allow it to pass down from your chest. On your first inhale, imagine breathing in positive energy, positive thoughts and positive vibes. On your exhale imagine all of your negative thoughts and negative energy flowing out of your body, off your body and then down through the plug hole, vanishing forever. Let all your worries disappear and feel amazing and alive afterwards. 

Shower MeditationArtist Name
00:00 / 07:44

Your Perfect Day Meditation

Join Gemma for this Perfect Day meditation. Take yourself off to your perfect day where you can visualise it in your mind. Feel calm, relaxed, and happy. You will be able to manifest this as you will always be able to come back to this whenever you are feeling a little down and deflated.

Meditation For Your Perfect Day ( Name
00:00 / 18:58

Money Manifestation Meditation

What in your life do you so desire at this precise moment in time? It can be anything, small, big, absolutely anything. Know that the universe has your back when it comes to anything that you desire. Use this meditation every night before you go to sleep and call in large amounts of money to have the dream life you desire. This is a truly magical experience. So trust and believe in yourself that you can have whatever you wish. 

Money Manifestation ( Name
00:00 / 11:28

Guided Forest Visualisation Meditation

Take yourself off to a beautiful forest through this guided meditation where you will meet birds, deer, wildlife, listening to a babbling brook and drift off into a deep sleep. Feel calm, relaxed and happy here. 

Forest Visualisation ( Name
00:00 / 14:45

Mediterranean Meditation

Take yourself off to the beautiful island of Mallorca, listening to the evening bird song while visualizing the calm serenity of the island of a warm summer's evening. Feel calm, relaxed, and happy after this 19-minute meditation. 

Mediterrain Meditation ( Name
00:00 / 17:03

Guided Beach Visualisation Meditation

Drift off wherever you are listening to a guided meditation, visualising a beautiful calm beach, while sat at a palm tree, feeling the warm sun beaming down on you and a gentle breeze blowing. Allow your thoughts to drift away and feel calm and relaxed. 

Beach visualisation ( Name
00:00 / 11:02

Ocean Meditation

Allow your mind to be transported to a secluded beach in the middle of nowhere. Calm your mind, visualizing your body, mind, and soul feeling connected to the ocean. Feel the calm cool waters surrounding your body and ridding any anxiety and tension from your body. Track contains faint ambient sounds in the background.

Ocean Visualisation ( (1)Artist Name
00:00 / 11:57

Guided Candle Visualisation

Let yourself be guided by a Candle visualisation focusing on the flame and drawing your mind to relax through the calming voice of Gemma. Enjoy feeling fully relaxed releasing stress from your day. Enjoy. 

Candle Visualisation ( Name
00:00 / 12:18

Guided Flame Visualisation Meditation

Let yourself be guided by a Flame visualisation focusing on the flame and drawing your mind to relax through the calming voice of Gemma. Enjoy feeling fully relaxed releasing stress from your day. Enjoy. 

Flame Visualisation ( Name
00:00 / 10:51

Daily Journal Practice PDF

For you, journaling may be a thing you do everyday anyway or it may be a completely new experience. I know I’ve turned to journaling when I’ve had a few bumpy issues in my life. One of them being a miscarriage.

I find it really helps to get rid of all the stresses and negative feelings building up in my mind. It also allows me to have a clearer head of where I want and need to be in my life. Sometimes I’ll write it down and other times I’ll say it into my phone.

You can do whatever you feel you need to. For you, you may want to get a lovely journaling book with a beautiful cover on it and something that makes you feel you can write in it. Something you feel will resonate with you. There are a lot of lovely ones on the market.

I did think about putting one in this program but I think it’s a very personal decision which front cover you would like on it. For others you may want to just write it out on your laptop or tablet. Whatever you decide, know you are doing a great thing but releasing your thoughts onto paper or into your phone. Your mind will thank you for it.

You also may want to buy a favourite pen. I know I have one just for journaling. Its very sentimental to me.

Use this journal how you want to and enjoy.

Weekly Journal Practice PDF

Monthly Journal Practice PDF

Journal Practice Video

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