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Module Three - Breath Work

Breath Work Module

Welcome to the Breath Work Module. Here you will learn all things to do with breath work and how this can help in your relationship.

Breath work is such an amazing tool to use in your daily life with anything that comes up, especially within relationships. It’s the one go to tool you can use anywhere in any situation.

Breath work calms your nervous system, allows you to feel better almost immediately and works your body to its full potential.

So lets dive into the first part of the Breath Work module. Watch the video and then fill in the worksheets within this module.

There are so many different types of Breath Techniques but have a look at each video and see which one works for you. The more you practice these, the better your life and relationship will become.

Click on the image to download the PDF

Alternate Nostril Breathing Video
Breathing Exercise For Anxiety
Diaphragmatic Breathing Technique Video

Click on the video below for Breathing with your belly or Diaphragmatic breathing The most basic type of diaphragmatic breathing is done by inhaling through your nose and breathing out through your mouth.

Write down how you feel afterwards.

Numbered Breathing Technique Video

Numbered breathing is a good exercise for gaining control over your breathing patterns.

Use the video below to learn how to do Numbered Breathing.

You can use this anywhere and at any time. This is great one to gain control over your thoughts and feelings especially if you have had an argument.

Rib-Stretch Breathing Video

The rib stretch is another helpful deep breathing exercise to gain clarity. Use the video below to help guide you to a better breathing experience. 

Seated Breathing Techniques Video

Watch the video below for you to learn some seated breathing techniques. All these techniques will help you to understand your mind and body a bit more. It will allow you to come at your relationship from a different angle. 

Square Breathing Technique Video

Watch the video below for a Square Breathing Technique.

This allows the lungs to full inflate, allowing your mind to rest and nourish your body. Its where we inhale for 4 counts, hold the breath for 4 counts, exhale for 4 counts and hold the breath again for 4 counts. Repeating this 3 times.

Do not do this breath if you are pregnant.

Ujjayi Breathing Technique Video

Watch the videos below for an Ujjayi Breath Technique to allow the mind to calm and for the serotonin (calming hormones) to kick in. This will give you a clear head space. 

For more breath work techniques, head over to the Breath Work Academy For Intimacy where you will learn how to move the sexual energy out through the body via breath work.

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